Watercolour paintings

Sunshine and beautiful natural surroundings make you happy. And in Cyprus, we are blessed with both.

I work with the predominant colours of Cyprus – yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and various shades of violet.

When painting landscapes or working from life, I usually work on site. I paint directly onto the paper without drawing. Instead layering the pure colours using a combination of wet on wet and wet on dry techniques.

My fantasy watercolours are a conglomeration of memories from mythology, fantasy and vivid dreams. Sometimes a poem or song triggers pictures. My illustrative / fantasy paintings start with a detailed drawing and are carefully painted using wet on dry and fine brushes.

Sizes and prices

Please enquire, if you are interested in one of the paintings.
The sizes listed are the actual size of the painting. In the gallery, I sell some paintings with a frame. Items that are sold online, will be shipped without frames.