Sustainable mosaic art pieces

If you like the idea of sustainable art, mosaics are perfect as just about anything can be re-used.

Mosaics are one of the oldest artistic crafts in the world, dating back at least 5000 years. In Cyprus we have some amazing ancient mosaics, and it gives me even more pleasure seeing mosaics in modern settings.

My own journey with mosaics started in 1994 when I bought an old building (now my home and studio). I was working with stained glass at the time and had lots of discarded pieces of glass. When I renovated the bathroom, I realised that pieces, that were too small for stained glass projects, were perfect for mosaics.

Katie doing mosaics in her studio

Display of finished pieces for sale at my studio

Mosaic art pieces are created from a variety of materials. I work with stained glass, broken pottery and china, pieces of old jewellery from charity shops, shells and sea glass from nearby beaches. In fact whatever catches my eye!

Unless it’s a specific commission, my mosaics are an extension of my paintings. Flowing and influenced by the sea, the sky and old trees.

Sizes and prices

Please enquire, if you see something you like and I will let you know the details.

Open for commissions!

If you have an idea for a mosaic piece, feel free get in touch.

As you can see below, the options are endless. Mosaics are perfect for small indoor decorative items such as mirrors and tables or something much larger for the garden.

It’s an ideal form of decoration for both indoor and outdoor use. I’ve tried and tested glues and grouts in my own garden. Most have turned out to be weather-resistant over the past 12 years! I use the ‘direct method’ cutting and gluing onto wooden or other surfaces, followed by grouting.

Classes and workshops

Create your own unique mosaic work! I run regular classes and workshops at my studio for small groups of maximum 8 students. Can be booked as a weekly class or a short course targeted to each student. Please check my Facebook page for announcements or contact me for upcoming dates.